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Another Great Novel by Ellen Gable! See my review tomorrow!

November 4, 2017

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My new computer has me writing!

September 9, 2018

Amazon delivered my new Samsung Chrome! It's light and easy and when I joined the practice session for my online conference it clicked right in and made everything easy. So it wasn't me that was too old, it was my laptop. I want to keep up with technology. One sure way of getting old is to fall behind the lastest innovations. Unlike many, I love technology. I lived when you couldn't get money on the weekend because there were no ATMs. I remember working all day in the library just to find the answer to one question - no internet.  I have nightmares when I think of standing by my stalled car on the side of a deserted road hoping that the person who stopped to help was not a criminal. I like having a cell phone!

Oh, and I love GPS and Goggle maps!  I save hours of driving around looking for an address. Sure technology has it drawbacks, like lost privacy and a decrease in reading books, but I'm sure that the benefits outweigh the problems. 

I know I love my new Chromebook. I transferred all my books in progress to its files. Yes! I always have 2-3 books in various stages of completion on the back burner. That's how I write. And now with a lightning fast response to my clicking fingers, I plan on writing 2-3 hours a day. Maybe I'll finish a book!



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