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Getting back to writing

Christmas is over. The gifts are given. The decorations don't have to come down until my husband's birthday on January 6th (our tradition). So why can't I get back to my writing routine? I want to devote 2-3 hours to writing each day.

I have a new children's book, "The Case of the Easter Egg Escapades" back from my talented editor, Theresa Linden. I'm itching to finish the edits and send it off to my publisher, Tan Books, but life seems to be getting in the way.

My dog Darby is back from training school and needs attention and reinforcement of his commands. My 95 year old mother is in the rehab after a fall during which she broke her shoulder. I need to get over to visit each day. My son is visiting and I want to spend time with him and cook his favorite meals. In just a week, he will be traveling back to Texas.

So, now you can see my dilemma! However, I need to write. Something is always happening here on the farm. Sheds and fences need building, animals need vaccines, and baby goats are being born. Someone once told me that the difference between an amateur and professional writer is that a professional knows it is a job and like any job they keep a schedule. I think I'll set my alarm for 5 am tomorrow!

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