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New Book Arrived!

The new books arrived. Book #6 of the series, The Case of the Easter Egg Escapades, came in a brown box on my front porch. It never gets old. The first sight of my work in book form fills me with a sense of joy! I am doing what I always dreamed of, writing. The thrill of seeing my work in finished form gives me a great sense of accomplishment.

Even better! The knowledge of the fun it will give my little fans and the moral lessons it will teach through humor is exciting. Each book has new adventures for the Sisters of the Last Straw. In this book the mystery involves a missing coin, bunnies in the backyard, and a need to save the home the Sisters love so much.

If you haven't met them come and meet the Sisters of the Last Straw, a community of Sisters working hard to overcome their bad habits. Join these lovable misfit nuns as they learn to love God and forgive one another. Can a leaking roof be the end of the Sisters? Who stole the eggs for the Easter Egg Hunt? Will the Sisters solve the mystery of the missing coin in tie for Easter?

Find out at

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