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"My name is Sister M. Petra Barcelona, and I am a member of the Sisters of St. Francis of the Martyr St. George. I teach small reading groups at Holy Spirit School in Overland Park, Kansas. We are a preschool through 8th grade school in the Arch diocese of Kansas City in Kansas. It is really hard to find good books to read with the students that you think they will enjoy and still get some meaning out of the book. Your books have done just that for me. I have never enjoyed reading as much as I have until reading Sisters of the Last Straw."...Sister Barcelona, Holy Spirit Catholic School.

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"Well-written and inspirational."... Most Rev. John Mortimer Smith, JCD, DD, Bishop of Trenton

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 "One of my favorite series of books. 

I am ten years old and I REALLY enjoyed this book. I wold recommend this book to people that are 6-infinity years old. I really like how the author flows from jam explosions to goat chasing to a haunted chapel. The sisters have to overcome problems such as bad temper, forgetfulness, and pride. I really wish the author wrote more books."...Anonymous Amazon Review

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"Your first novel was such a blessing to many...Thank you so much for sharing with us your depth of faith and insights through the medium of the novel."...Father Brendan Williams, Pastor, St. Veronica's Church, Howell, NJ

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"Sisters of the Last Straw: The Case of the Stolen Rosaries....both my elderly mother and I truly enjoyed the shenanigans of this order of sisters.While this book was meant for a younger audience, both my elderly mother and I truly enjoyed the shenanigans of this order of sisters! The book is light, humorous and very entertaining. Mom is over 90 and I read to her when she was frightened and in the hospital - we were both soon laughing!"...Jeanne E. Greenfield , Amazon Review

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