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"Your Love, Lord, reaches to the heavens, your faithfulness to the skies." Psalm 36: 5

Do I believe this? When everything is going right and my little world is safe and comfortable I probably do. However, when everything in my life is falling apart and nothing is going according to plan I wonder why God is against me. I tend to forget that He lives outside of time. I forget that to Him the past, present, and future are ever present before His eyes. I live in the moment unable to see the reason or benefit for trials until many years later. Sometimes, years later, I can see how a problem became an opportunity. Often I can see that living through a tragedy or learning to heal a deep wound made me the person I am today. However, some painful experiences never make sense to me. There is suffering that seems arbitrary and pointless to me. That is where faith comes in. I am not God. It is when I don't understand the reason for suffering

that I need to trust in God's faithfulness and develop some faithfulness of my own.

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