"Love is in the Air Tour" featuring Sherrie Wilkins

Selah by Sherrie Yvette Are We Lovin’ or Naw? The term Selah (Say-La) to most simply means to think. Selah appears often at the end of a verse in the Bible particularly in the books Habakkuk and Psalms. The title came about while mulling over ideas for book covers with a loved one. I expressed that the purpose of this poetry journal was simply to get people to stop and think outside of the realms of their daily lives he chimed, “SELAH!” I replied, “What does THAT mean!” He simply stated, “Stop and think!” I immediately texted another close friend, “What does selah mean?” Instantly she replied, “stop and think!” I was thrilled. I knew that I was looking for a simple repeated pattern on the co

"Love is in the Air Tour" featuring Kyra Dune

BONDED by Kyra Dune A Dual Realm Novel Paranormal Romance A man running from his past. Desperate to escape the person he once was, Trey is constantly on the move. All he wants is to go home, only he can’t do that unless he can find a way to atone for the sins of his past. But can a man with so much blood on his hands ever hope to find redemption? A woman hiding from her present. Innocent of any wrongdoing, Sarah is nonetheless in serious trouble. Her brother’s actions have left her a target for a drug dealing gang leader who will stop at nothing to get back what belongs to him. With nowhere to run, how long can she stay alive? A chance for the future Two worlds collide in a dark alley beside

"Love is in the Air Tour" featuring Marci Baun

The Whispering House by Marci Baun Science Fiction Romance/Horror/Paranormal After her mother’s death, Eleanor Radcliffe retires from her job in San Jose and escapes to a small place outside of Fresno to heal. But her new home hides a secret. A secret that could claim her life. When strange, frightening things start to happen, she turns to her mysterious neighbor Michael Stevens and the handsome sheriff Rodney Tyler for help. As the incidents grow more bizarre and violent, she is forced to flee. Her world is turned upside down. Long-suppressed supernatural powers resurface, and she struggles to deal with everything that is happening. With her world spinning out of control, Eleanor will have

"Love is in the Air Tour" featuring Patricia Middleton

Poetic Praise: For Seasons of Singleness by Patricia Middleton Inspirational Poetry During the intermediate years of my singleness journey I discovered the humanity of the Psalms. One study states that over 40% of the recorded Psalms are laments (songs expressing sorrow or regret). David, King of Israel, wrote 73 of the 150 Psalms. One of my favorite is the 13th Psalm. It sums up my seasons of singleness in six little verses. In the first two verses, David asks God “How long?” four times. He follows with a request in verse three and a worry in verse four. What surprised me was how honest he was with God about his fears and his impatience. But more than that, I was encouraged by how he ende


"LOVE IS IN THE AIR TOUR" FEATURING FELICIA MIDDLETON Metamorphosis Poetry – Inspirational and Spiritual During many times in our lives we undergo change. A metamorphosis is “a change of physical form, structure or substance, especially by supernatural means; a striking alteration in character or circumstance.” Often beautiful in appearance, metamorphic rocks, such as crystal or quartz, are created by the application of heat and pressure from the earth. Change is inevitable. Embrace it. Take charge of it. The results can be exciting. ANOTHER LOVE Have you ever been in love before? How many people have you truly adored? Your heart beats fast and you’re always excited. You feel on fire, your h

"Love is in the Air Tour" featuring Cassandra Ulrich

A Love Gift by Cassandra Skelton A Poetical Compilation A collection of poems about love in various form LOVE AND A FLOWER My love for you is as a bud ready to bloom in fullness of our radiant friendship. Never have I known such beauty as that which we now possess. Tell me that our love will burst open to the sunshine in our hearts. Tell me how to reach out to you in softness to touch your tender skin. Even raindrops will not drench my affection for you. No…it will fall off and I shall remain unhurt forever. Only you can allow this strong bond between us to grow into perfection. Why can’t we realize this for eternity? Why should our love be like a flower and shrivel and die without nourishme


In the Midst of Wolves Christian Romance paperback/eBook Which twin is good? Which is evil? Will Skylar discern the answer before it’s too late? Should she listen to her heart or remain loyal to her childhood friend? How do the pure-hearted deal with those whose intentions are not pure? In the Midst of Wolves, a tale of twisted motives and confusing feelings, will keep you guessing. In the Midst of Wolves is based on the Bible verse from Matthew 10: 16, "I am sending you out like sheep among wolves. Therefore be as shrewd as snakes and as innocent as doves.” This novel is a multi-generational tale of good vs. evil. With complex characters that include a greedy grandmother, a cowardly husband

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