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Picking up the Pen

For many years, I worked as an R.N. I worked with premature babies, on hospital floors and in nursing homes. I used my talents. My talents were helping patients deal with their fears and pain, guiding them to healing, observing them for hidden health problems. Sure, I had been educated in the profession, but I know that the latent talent had to be there first.

I didn’t start writing until I was in my fifties. It was a gift that I discovered late in life, but I know it was a talent that God gave me when I couldn’t use my former talents any longer. I loved it. Stories poured out of me. I dreamed them. I daydreamed them. The characters spoke to me and became my friends and I couldn’t ignore them. I finally took a leap of faith and joined a writer’s group. There, I learned how much I didn’t know, but I didn’t give up. I just kept plugging away.

I finally found the ‘niche’ that best suited my gift, and, being published, gained a small amount of what the world calls success.What I didn’t realize was that I became a successful writer when I first picked up the pen. Why? Because I was responding to God. I opened the gift that He gave me. Imagine giving someone a gift and finding out that they never cared enough to open it! Yet, so many do that!

I have a lot going on in my life lately and really need to get back to writing each day. Today, even with a house full of company, I plan on devoting a few hours to doing my edits. I want to finish them by Monday, so I can submit this latest children’s book, “Sisters of the Last Straw, Case of the Easter Egg Escapades,” to my publisher next week. Three chapters left!

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