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June 2019 Newsletter

Karen Kelly Boyce, Author & Speaker

June 2019 Newsletter

For Parents:

Reading and Summertime

How did I become a writer? I have often wondered that. I think it had a lot to do with my living just a few blocks from the Barron Library in Woodbridge, NJ. I would while away the lazy summer days lost in the tales of good books. I loved stories. I loved history and biographies of great men and women of science and philosophy. I was never bored because I read.

Today our children are lost in technology. It is fast-paced and overwhelming and while I am not against these modern wonders, there is something magical about holding a book and reading a line that makes you stop and ponder. With a book, you can do that—daydream and wonder. There is something powerful about placing a bookmark, underlining an idea, and looking up a word.

So how do you encourage reading. Make it a reward!

  1. Take your children to the library at least once a week. Perhaps as part of a bike ride.

  2. Offer to ‘buy’ your child a book as a reward for doing a chore. Children treasure sugar because we reward good behavior with candy.

  3. Read yourself. Turn off the TV and the devices and have a reading time that everyone can look forward to.

Share stories (especially at dinnertime) that you are reading with your children. Discuss ideas and plot lines that might interest them.

Children learn from imitation and they just want to spend time with you. Share your love of books.


What’s new in the magical, whimsical world of writing on the farm. Well...a good bit of news. Contracts are signed and the artwork is being done! Two more Sisters of the Last Straw books are being prepared for publication! “The Christmas Tree Capers” is projected to be out in October. Just in time for Christmas. “The Easter Egg Escapades” will follow soon. Both will be published by Tan Books.

I have spend most of this year working on a middle school book for slightly older fans. I finally finished it. I am very excited about this adventure series that will delve into contemplative prayer and the power of faith. I am submitted “Jenna’s Journey” to my publisher today, so please keep this book in prayer.

What’s the latest?

My grandchildren visited for Memorial day week. They had a lot of fun on the farm with the new baby goats and Nana’s special cooking. Kaitlyn, my granddaughter, and I made bread and cheesy eggs (her recipe). Conner helped ride the tractor and feed the horses. He played with Darby our Black

Labrador. Both Conner and Kaitlyn had a trip to DiggerLand where Conner reached the top of the rope climb and bravely rode the zipline. Kaitlyn rode a backhoe. Everyone had a great visit.

Kaitlyn lost her front tooth and has a request for the tooth fairy.

What’s new on Queen of Angels Farm?

The three mama goats,Lullaby, Licorice, and Lollipop, had their babies. There were 3 does (girl goats) and one buck (boy goat) born. The buck is black with a large white crown. One of the does is gray and white with white boots. Her sister is a brown, white and mocha color. Both of these does have blue eyes. And then there is a multi-colored doe who was born so small that I had to bottle feed her. She is loving and especially loves people. She hopped around the house and followed me because she thought I was her mother.

Congratulations to the winners of the baby goat naming contest. Hope you all enjoy the books. The final names are:

  1. Nevada for the buck

  2. Nickels for the gray doe

  3. Nutmeg for the brown-mix doe

  4. And Nugget for our little bottle-fed doe.

Both Nugget & Nevada have gone to their new home where they will be raised on a farm.

Appearances this month

June - Jackson Library meeting each Monday evening at 6:30-8:30 pm at the Prose & Ink for discussions and sharing of Writing and Publishing topic

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