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Entering a new genre!

I have a novel with six chapters finished that has been sitting on my computer for a few years. It's a murder mystery. Those who know me, know that I am a voracious reader. My favorite passion is murder mysteries. I don't like gory or violent works but love detectives who follow a path of clues that lead to the guilty and their hidden motives.

My favorite writer in this genre is Louise Penny. She is a Canadian writer with a series about a wise Detective Gramache who can find his way into the heart of any murderer. Her books are more than just murder mysteries, but are portraits into the human condition. Her characters are fleshed out and interestingly complicated people.

I am attempting to take all the research I collected on my family roots and turn that history into a mystery. I 'm enjoying writing it, but stopped to finish a few new children's books. Now I am plunging back into this work. It is quite an adventure and I'm excited and just a little bit scared by it. Like anything new, my footing is a little unsure and that little fellow on my shoulder keeps telling me I should stick with the familiar. However, the characters are calling me and won't be silent! They want a full life. They want their story told! Nellie (the main character) is already digging up clues. Say a prayer! I am taking the plunge!

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