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"Do not throw away your confidence; it will be richly rewarded." Hebrews 10: 35

Am I persistent in prayer? Or do I give up if the result I want doesn't arrive when I want. It is easy to forget that God is eternal, and works in His own time. In fact, He lives outside of time. Do I have the faith to persist in prayer? I need confident faith. The God who loves me and created me not only hears my prayer, but answers it in the best time and the best way.

On the other side, it is easy to fall into the idea that I control God with my prayers, somehow magically getting Him to do what I want instead of what is right. That is arrogance. I have heard so many Christians announce that their prayers were answered. Wonderful. But sometimes it seems as if they think they have a pipeline to God. A connection to Him that is so much better then us ordinary bozo's on the bus of life. That is arrogance.

So to have true confidence in God and prayer, I need both faith and humility. I better pray for that!

What is the difference between arrogance and control and faith and confidence? The grace of humility and fidelity.

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