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Being Yourself

"To be nobody but myself, in a world which is doing its best night and day to make me everybody else, means to fight the hardest battle which any human being can fight and never stop fighting." - E.E. Cummings

God creates each of us uniquely. Each one of us is special and different. I believe that we are created for the time and place we were designed for. We are born with the spirit, personality, and talents we need to fulfill our destiny. We are on a journey to find the purpose for our life. The world can encourage us or discourage us. People in our life can set our feet on the right path or block our way. It doesn't matter. Our job is to overcome the obstacles and find God's Will. Sometimes the very obstacles we overcome give us the strength we need to meet our destiny. But to do so we need to believe in God, our purpose, and ourselves.

We need to take the time to know ourselves and who we truly are-not who others tell us we are. Knowledge of our talents and graces is not arrogance. It is faith. When the world tells us to 'stay in our place' we need to have the faith to know that our place is wherever God created us to be. I wouldn't want to stand before God and tell Him that I buried my talents, hid from my purpose, or allowed my spirit to die out of fear. The world will fight you, but the world is not your real home. Your destiny lies elsewhere. Be yourself!

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