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Since my heart attack . . .

A funny thing happened while I was talking to my grown daughter. She was asking for advice about my grandchildren when out of the blue she said, "You know, you should write a blog entitled 'since my heart attack...'" Up until then I hadn't realized how often I used the phase. I had a heart attack just over a year ago. Rushed to the local ER, I had no chest pain - no pain at all! I told my husband that I was a little short of breath and felt a strange cold feeling in my chest. He rushed me to the hospital despite my objections. I was a little embarrassed - sure they would quickly send me home. Instead they placed me in an ambulance and raced me to the nearest trauma one facility. My stretcher was pushed passed other patients and glided into surgery. I was having a HEART ATTACK! What did I learn since that should always pay attention to the signals your body sends you. You can see out of the windows of an ambulance but no one can see in (I tried to wave to my following husband as we wound through traffic). And it never hurts to always have a pair of pajamas and slippers packed in your car!

All kidding aside, I seemed to have developed a wisdom about life that only almost losing your life can give you. I'll humbly try to share those insights with you each Sunday.

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