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Julia's Gifts by Ellen Gable

Julia, a young girl on the cusp of World War I, dreams of a man whom she’s never met, a man destined to be her beloved. Light of hair and gentle of nature, she imagines the perfect man to become her husband. With great faith, she buys gifts for that future love. A watch, a journal, and a miraculous medal is joined by a warm pair of socks that she knits herself. Then, war breaks out and Julia is carried to France to help the wounded and dying in a strange land filled with pain and anguish. Here amidst hospital tents and suffering soldiers, she meets Peter, a man so different from the beloved she has imagined. And yet, the gifts she has purchased just seem to end up in Peter’s hands.

Ellen Gable has done it again. She weaves a story of love amidst the flashing bombs and death of World War I. Julia’s Gifts is the first of a new series by this talented author. Her new series – Great War Great Love – is destined to be a classic. The twists and turns of World War I are drawn in historic detail by this meticulously accurate author. Her characters are engaging and realistic, pulling the reader in, creatively building a connection between the reader and the people on the pages of this wonderful novel. I may need to go to the confessional as I ignored husband and home, unable to put this book down.

I can easily see this work as a movie. Knowing the gift and talent of this author, I fully expect to see the entire series on my favorite Hallmark channel.

I highly recommend this novel of love and war. It will keep you turning the pages, and loving the characters. The tragedy of war will keep you wondering what the outcome of this powerful story will be. Will faith and God’s guidance pull Julia and Peter together, or will man’s violent tendencies tear them apart? What part will the gifts Julia has purchased play in this tale? You can only find out for yourself by reading Julia’s Gifts. It won’t take long – you won’t be able to put it down!

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