Two Hours...

Today, for the first time in days, I wrote. I try to write at least two hours a day. Oh, I know that Stephen King locks himself in his office for eight hours a day, but I doubt he does laundry or cooks dinner. He's a man! I have to keep everyone in clean clothes and well-fed.

Still, I find I can accomplish quite a bit of writing in just two hours a day. This year (since last March) I have finished two children's books and I am about to finish my third. The trick is consistency. Two hours a day! Yet, this week has been so busy that I had a hard time finding those two hours each day.

There was a happy surprise I discovered this afternoon, a writer’s dream. I thought that I was only half finished with the book I was working on. This book is one of a series I am writing. But when I looked at the word count I suddenly realized that my chapters were way too long. I very rarely edit when I am working on a first draft, but today I took the time to sit back and look at the whole work.

After eliminating one scene that I wasn’t very happy with, I moved my prose around and turned four chapters into six chapters! Wow! That’s a writer’s dream. Since the books in this series all have eight chapters, I only have two chapters to go! Tonight, I will dream of what the characters will do tomorrow and will probably finish the first draft of this book by the end of the week!

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