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Grandpa Bernie's Bedtime Stories

Wow! what a great little book! Story after story to read to your children. From a pony who hops like a kangaroo to a friendship between a squirrel and a caterpillar, there are endless bedtime tales to ease your children into a peaceful sleep. Written by Bernie Ditchik, a grandfather in his 90's, this delightful volume is colorfully illustrated. It is available on kindle but holding this precious gem is so much more gratifying. I highly recommend this book as a gift to any parents who want to stir the imagination of their children. Touching stories of animals, birds and even bugs will capture the minds of the youngest who are read to, and teach older children the joy of reading themselves. The tales are short enough to hold the child's interest and are so full of wonder that it will tickle their young minds. It may even encourage them to devise stories of their own. In this day of ipad's and technology that deprives our youngest of pure fantasy, this little book of bedtime stories is a must! I could say so much more, but I have to get back to the story of the baby bear who plays baseball. Purchase on

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