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Writing Work for Old Workhorses!

I am flattered that I have been asked by the Catholic Writers Guild to contribute a class to thier online conference. I am teaching a program called "The Joy of Writing for Children." I gave a teaching at the live conference that helped me get over my fear of public speaking. When I got caught up in helping the writers who attended, I forgot about myself and my fear. I guess the Bible verse that says "Perfect Love casts out all Fear" is true.

Now however, the fear is back. The online conference requires some technical skill. I feel old, a

lthough I am not that old, because I am not a technically skilled person. I tried logging on the the practice session and couldn't even do that. I couldn't hear or see. I kept getting bumped off the program. I was ready to quit but I don't want to fall behind the times. I want to help new writers, especially children's book writers, to hone their skills.

Karina Fabian emailed me and offered to help me! What a great person to take the time to teach me the ropes. She is not only a great writer and author (check out her books!), she is a kind and loving friend.

I am determined to learn. So if you have the time please say a prayer for me as I enter the world of online teaching. If you want to see how I do you can find me teaching on Sunday, Sept. 16th at 12- 1 pm. You can register at

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